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The top is REI (meaning universal, higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness).  The lower part is KI (meaning life force or life energy). TOGETHER they form REIKI.


Welcome to the Healing Power of Reiki Web site.  This site offers you the opportunity to learn more about the many healing powers of
 USUI REIKI and the benefits of adding Reiki to your life.
Reiki benefits the WHOLE PERSON.
The body, emotions, mind and spirit may all receive healing during a session. Reiki can relax the body and spirit and restore equilibrium. The results, may include a feeling of relaxation, peace, security and well being. Reiki can speed healing, reduce pain and enhance medical or alternative healing practices. Through relaxation, Reiki promotes physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.
I offer private sessions in a serene atmosphere. Group or one-on-one classes
in Usui Reiki Levels I, II and III are also available and are designed to fit individual schedules and needs.

To learn more, click any item on the menu.  If you have comments or questions,  please click on the Contact button.  

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find the information helpful. Be sure to check back often for updated information.

Please be advised, the information in this website is meant for educational use only, and not as a replacement for traditional professional medical treatment if that treatment is necessary. Please use alternative health practices as an addition to traditional health treatment if you so desire.

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